CAPS off to Mount Royal University

For over a decades Canadian builders, renovators, architects, designers, and occupational therapists have travelled to the U.S.A. to acquire The Certified-Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation which is sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders in the U.S.A. The CAPS program provides necessary knowledge for professionals intending to meet the needs of the aging population. It […]

Remodelling your bathroom: What is the best shower for you?

Often when people ask us about the type of shower they need, they often confuse an ADA shower with a walk-in shower. Although both serve the purpose of safe and easy access, knowing the differences and advantages/disadvantages of each will ensure you are complying with necessary regulations, if required, while preventing any unnecessary construction. Often, […]

Barrier Free Resource: CARP

Canada’s population is aging quickly. An aging population is indicative of an advanced society. We are fortunate to live in a country that allows for peoples’ health to sustain through their old age. However, as the population ages, a sense of insecurity still begins to creep in. Many elderly people in Canada frequently live with […]