Barrier Free Resource: CARP

Canada’s population is aging quickly. An aging population is indicative of an advanced society. We are fortunate to live in a country that allows for peoples’ health to sustain through their old age. However, as the population ages, a sense of insecurity still begins to creep in. Many elderly people in Canada frequently live with problems regarding financial security, fair access to quality healthcare and freedom from discrimination.

One of my main goal in going forward with this blog is to educate those who are personally invested in the changes that occur throughout the aging process. Whether your life or the life of somebody you care about is being impacted by aging issues, I am committed to offering you helpful and relevant information to make your life easier.

One of the premier resources to bring to your attention is CARP. CARP is a non-profit organization committed to promoting social change for our elderly population. The organization contains over 300,000 members, and offers subsidiary community chapters, allowing members to get involved on the local level.

CARP is working hard on various government initiatives to change policies which inhibit comfortable aging while protecting the policies which promote secured and healthy living for seniors. They lobby for equitable access to healthcare and fight against ageist sentiments and the negative stigmas surrounding the elderly.

Additionally, CARP offers immediate and tangible financial benefits. Members get access to savings for a number of products and services; anywhere from fitness memberships to optometrist care to insurance savings and more.

They are a potentially very valuable resource and I strongly encourage you visit their site and decide if it is for you. The link is below: CARP website

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