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Programs to help you renovate your home for senior accessibility

As Canada’s population ages, a majority of seniors are remaining independent and continue to live in their homes. Out of Canada’s almost five million senior population, 92.1 per cent of Canada’s elderly live in private households, whether it’s alone, with a partner or with others, according to the 2011 Census. It’s important to discuss with […]

Moving in with grandma and grandpa: What you need to know about renovating

If you’ve had a discussion with your parents on their future living accommodations and everyone has agreed that you will all share one house together that’s a great first step. But there’s much more work that needs to be done before mom and dad can pack their bags and move into their new home. What […]

Moving in with grandma and grandpa: How to discuss the situation with your family

As your parents get older, it’s a good idea to discuss their future plans with them. While this conversation may be uncomfortable, it’s important this is talked about before any life changing event occurs. Depending on your parents’ health, there are many options of where they can stay: whether it’s in their own home, they […]

Moving in with grandma and grandpa: What to expect

As baby boomers grow older, many families are making decisions on where they parents will live. Some living options include parents staying at home, intergenerational housing where parents move in with their children and grandchildren, or parents moving into a retirement home, supportive housing or a long-term care home. According to the 2011 census, 92.1 […]

The emergence of senior villages

Mary-Carrol Potter, a 78 year old Washington resident, is opting to remain in her home rather than accept her children’s offers to put her up. The issue was that her children were spread all across the globe, and she had no interest in uprooting from the village in which she had lived for half a […]

Walk-in tub vs. roll-in shower

Almost everybody can appreciate the value of a good bath. The thought alone of a hot bath conjures up notions of comfort and relaxation. However, for many elderly people with decreasing mobility, the bathtub becomes a liability. To seniors and people with mobility issues, falling is the number one cause of injury, and the bathroom […]

Barrier Free Resource: CARP

Canada’s population is aging quickly. An aging population is indicative of an advanced society. We are fortunate to live in a country that allows for peoples’ health to sustain through their old age. However, as the population ages, a sense of insecurity still begins to creep in. Many elderly people in Canada frequently live with […]