What you need to know about shower seats

Buying a seat for your shower has both practical and safety benefits. The purpose of this blog post is to help you better understand the value of shower seats, while determining the advantages and disadvantages of your many different options. There exists rectangular bench shower seats, ADA seats which comply with ADA codes, barrier free shower seats with retractable arms, designer nylon seats imported from Italy or custom seats made personally for you.

In this particular post I will answer frequently asked questions regarding out bench shower seats in an attempt to provide a definitive guide for users. Stay tuned for future posts about other types of shower seats.

Why do I need a shower seat. What is the purpose of having a shower bench?

The purpose of having a shower seat bench is to provide a safer shower experience to those who have limited mobility or are not able to stand for long periods of time. In addition, shower seats have practical benefits for those who don’t physically need to be seated. Customers have reported that they often use the bench when they are tired and women use it when shaving their legs.

Why are the seats attached to the wall?

The primary reason for having our shower seats mounted to the wall is safety. Free standing shower seats are liable to slide and topple over. This possibility is eliminated by mounting the seat bench directly into the wall of the shower.

What if I don’t need a seat bench but share the shower with somebody who does?

The bench shower seats easily fold up towards the wall in order to provide more space for those who do not intend them.

What are the seats made of?

Most shower seats are made of stainless steel

Which model is more suited to my needs: padded or phenolic or teak?

The options include a padded, phenolic or a teakwood top. Phenolic is a solid material, much like a kitchen counter top. Our phenolic seats are popular for commercial applications used by the public. Padded seats are made of a marine-grade naugahyde over a foam cushion. This seat is considered more comfortable and is optimal for residential homes. Additionally, we offer natural teakwood seats which some people prefer for aesthetic purposes.

How much weight can a seat support?

The fold up seats with a wall bracket can support a maximum of 250 lbs. For people who require additional weight capacity, shower seats are available with legs. The seat with legs also fold up and are rated to 600 lb. When installing any shower seat it is important that there is sufficient support in the shower wall.

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