ADA Folding Shower Seats | ADA Fold Down Shower Bench

Barrier Free Living Folding ADA shower seats are beneficial accessories to your ADA handicap accessible shower. As an alternative to  the ADA folding shower bench, we also provide multiple fold down shower bench options. The padded vinyl cushion on the folding shower seats, as well as on the fold down shower bench, provides comfort and security in the shower. The folding shower seat and fold down bench are very durable products. Adding to their security and durability, options are affixed to the wall in the shower, so you won’t fall or slip off the seat. The advantage of having a folding shower seat or fold down shower bench is that when the seat or bench is not being is used, it can easily be folded upwards, creating more space in the shower. The holes in the seat reduce water retention. Our folding shower seats are made of materials that are easy to clean while providing safe and enjoyable shower experience. These folding shower seats have a 250lb weight capacity, and seats with legs have a 500lb capacity. Custom folding shower seats, fold down shower bench chair sizes are available upon request. These items ship free within the USA.